IT Advisory & Audit Services

Information Technology (IT) is a significant factor in driving business success. However, organisations face challenges in rationalising IT costs across the organisation, managing their overall IT risk position and delivering value from IT. We help clients address the challenge of managing IT risks in line with their business strategy and let stakeholders gain confidence that their organisation's key IT-related risks are identified, understood and managed effectively. Our IT solutions include:

  • IT Controls Review and Improvement
  • IT Strategies, Policies and Procedures Development
  • IT Asset Management Improvement
  • Business Continuity Management, and Disaster & Recovery Management Plans
  • Third Party Compliance – SAS 70
  • Internal Controls Evaluation

For organizations not having experienced quality internal controls review till now, to start with, we recommend a quick Dip Stick Review – comparable to operational and financial health check. We evaluate effectiveness and adequacy of key internal controls of the organization covering key operations (Sales, Commercial, Finance, Operations, Human Resource and IT) and business segments, to come up with critical improvement areas and suggestions to address issues of revenue leakages, opportunity losses and higher costs. The review helps you to immediately address key operational bottlenecks, revenue leakages and opportunity loses.