Virtual/ Flexi CFO

Virtual CFO service provides businesses an affordable solution to promoters of SMEs and Start up entrepreneurs, which have a finance and accounts team but do not have a inhouse CFO, to manage the operations of their organisations in their growth journey.

As Virtual CFO, we provide strategic business advisory and take care of support functions, developing new ideas and converting their ideas into successful business so that the promoters can focus on key business areas to unlock the full potential for profitable growth.

There are many challenges facing a growing business and our Virtual CFO service helps you navigate those challenges effectively by providing professional advice, analysis and support to management. Hiring a full-time professional CFO may not be in the budget of a small enterprise. Startups and SMEs are increasingly recognizing the need to have professional CFO services and realize that managing finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements of a business are important tasks.

Virtual/ Flexi CFO provide an affordable part time solution addressing the needs of a full time CFO without compromising on the quality. A cost effective way to develop, implement, monitor and control the financial and compliance function, advising management, coordinating with external clients like Banks, clients and associated and interacting with cross functional teams, helping in aligning the efforts for achieving objective in an efficient manner.

We also play important role in negotiations, contract management, helping the management with development of budgets, forecasts, cashflows, MIS, assessment of business risks, fund raising, M&A, corporate restructuring, finance, IT and HR solutions on demand.

Our solution is execution focused. We oversee the complete finance and accounts function and provide day-to-day oversight, mentoring and support to the client’s team and management.