Corporate/ Management Consulting

The business environment is becoming challenging and global which is creating immense need and demand for companies to assess whether appropriate resources, innovation and talent are available in house to cater to their business strategies. We are the leading global service provider catering to the requirements of clients for specialized business consultancy and bouquet of services in following areas:

Virtual/ Flexi CFO

Virtual CFO service provides businesses an affordable solution to promoters of SMEs and Start up entrepreneurs, which have a finance and accounts team but do not have a inhouse CFO, to manage the operations of their organisations in their growth journey.

As Virtual CFO, we provide strategic business advisory and take care of support functions, developing new ideas and converting their ideas into successful business so that the promoters can focus on key business areas to unlock the full potential for profitable growth.

There are many challenges facing a growing business and our Virtual CFO service helps you navigate those challenges effectively by providing professional advice, analysis and support to management. Hiring a full-time professional CFO may not be in the budget of a small enterprise. Startups and SMEs are increasingly recognizing the need to have professional CFO services and realize that managing finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements of a business are important tasks.

Virtual/ Flexi CFO provide an affordable part time solution addressing the needs of a full time CFO without compromising on the quality. A cost effective way to develop, implement, monitor and control the financial and compliance function, advising management, coordinating with external clients like Banks, clients and associated and interacting with cross functional teams, helping in aligning the efforts for achieving objective in an efficient manner.

We also play important role in negotiations, contract management, helping the management with development of budgets, forecasts, cashflows, MIS, assessment of business risks, fund raising, M&A, corporate restructuring, finance, IT and HR solutions on demand.

Our solution is execution focused. We oversee the complete finance and accounts function and provide day-to-day oversight, mentoring and support to the client’s team and management.

Transaction advisory

We, at Optimal, offer comprehensive, integrated, goal oriented solutions to help you to explore and evaluate opportunities, create right strategies and implement these transactions in efficient, cost effective and compliant manner. We aim to create significant value for entrepreneur and companies by helping them adopt and execute the right strategy. Our young and dynamic team analyses the transaction with innovative flair and problem solving zeal considering the short term as well as long term pros and cons and assists in executing the transaction in the best possible manner.

Our Offerings

  • Mergers & Amalgamations
  • Acquisitions & Takeovers
  • Demergers & Hive offs
  • Slump sale/asset sale
  • Financial structuring
  • Contract Management & Negotiations
  • Joint Venture Advisory

Financial Management

With continuous investment in people, technology, global delivery and research and development, Optimal brings its specialized knowledge and expertise to corporate finance solutions by optimizing both where and how work is done through scalable, world class Finance and Accounting services.

We focus on Financial Planning, Accounting Operations Analysis, Product Costing & Pricing Alignment and Growth Initiatives covering Demand Forecasts, Risk and Compliance; Revenue, Cost, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis of Financial Statements; Short Term and Long Term Budget Planning Variance Maintaining and improving process controls and maintaining “ever green” process documentation.

Process Management

We specialize in design and development of Standard Operating Procedures for Accounting function Business Process Streamlining: identifying revenue leakages and cost/time overruns. We also undertake Process Risk Analysis & suggest mitigation measures

Treasury Management; Financing and loan syndication

We assess and analyse the short term and long term funding requirements for business, Capital Structuring/ Restructuring and arrange sourcing of Funds. Funding through Banks, PE and PI; Loan syndication - Fund/ Non-Fund based funding from Banks/ Financial Institutions. We also manage banking relations; cash & debt planning & prepare Business Plan/ Project Report as per Management requirements.

Audit Management

We are a team of qualified and experienced professional competent to undertake and manage Cost Audit, Statutory Audit, Secretarial Audit, and concurrent audit

Due Diligence & Financial Structuring

We aim to suggest the most appropriate strategies to the clients after detailed research and analysis of business needs of client. Our ultimate aim is to exceed client expectations by providing reliable and trusted advisory and therefore maintain and cherish long-term relationship with them. We focus on niche areas involving complex and innovative transactions in which we believe in value creation. Our deep understanding of conventional and procedural laws, continuous research, and good regulatory relationship coupled with industry proficiency in an integrated manner is our core strength for due diligence and financial structuring.

Accredited Management System Certification Services

We provide management consultancy and advisory services to develop the systems, documentation and process and obtain the accredited management system certification which not only enhance the process standardisation & efficiencies but also establish the credibility of the organisation and products. The following Management System Certification services are provided:

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental management System (ISO 14001:2015)

Tax & Regulatory Services

  • Complete Tax Registrations direct/ indirect- Income Tax and GST etc.
  • Timely Filing of Tax returns; Assessments and representation before Authorities
  • Statutory Registrations with regular periodic Compliances
  • Lower/ Nil deduction of TDS/ Withholding Tax
  • Tax strategies and contract structuring
  • Tax Assessments & Litigations
  • Corporate Tax Planning and advisory
  • International Tax structuring and Transfer Pricing
  • Tax advisory on mergers, amalgamations and business/ entity restructuring

Taxation Advisory- Direct, Indirect, International Taxation

The core strength and value addition Optimal brings on table for any organisation is with its innovative and impeccable Tax advisory. The founders of Optimal have a demonstrated hands-on experience of unwinding the complexities of Indian Taxation, which has not only helped the organisations to be compliant with the statutory requirements at various state and central level of taxation but has also contributed significantly in the bottom lines of the projects through successful application and implementation of innovative tax strategies and contract restructuring.

We, at Optimal, have experienced that Taxes account for a significant portion of the project value and therefore have also been a key driver of cost and profitability of any project. Many a times, wrong application of taxes result either in excessive cost & cash outflow which could very well be saved without any additional risk; or in serious tax defaults. Most of the times in our experience, it is found that the management of companies have their key focus concentrated on material planning, logistic planning, project/ sales planning, client management etc. and is not present to such losses/ defaults well in time because the potential of Tax Planning often gets ignored, which is the key differential between a successful and unsuccessful bid/ project.

Variety of kinds and rates of taxes, having different applications and rates for goods and services, work contracts, state/ central levels, direct/ indirect and involvement of TDS/ withholding tax makes Indian Tax regime very complex for the businesses. With dynamic changes in the tax laws and structure in recent times, it has become a very tough challenge for organisations to optimise the tax cost and comply with the numerous statutory requirements at the same time. The situation aggravates in contracts with the requirement of deduction of tax at source (TDS) on Income tax and work contracts as it adversely affect the availability of much needed cash flow of the projects, which otherwise could be addressed with innovative tax strategies/ structuring.

Team Optimal specialises in optimising the application of taxes in a project in terms of cost as well as cash flow and being tax compliant at the same time. We advise on right from the entity structure for execution of project; undertake proper structuring of various contracts in the project for appropriate and correct application of applicable direct & indirect taxes affecting cost (P&L) & cash flow to keep the organisations on right side of tax laws with minimal taxation.

We have a demonstrated track record of quantifiable contribution in the bottom lines worth more than USD 100 Million and making huge difference in success of the bids/ viability of the projects through development and implementation of successful Tax strategies/ structuring in the organisations we have been associated with.